wax on, wax off

could she be cuter? no. that is the answer.

could she be cuter? no. that is the answer.

so you know how kids constantly do things that leave you asking yourself, “why in the world would you do that?” this picture epitomizes that question. this little girl was running through the fountain in millennium park, constantly wiping only her lips, with a now-soaked kleenex. why? who knows. maybe she didn’t enjoy feeling like she was drooling uncontrollably. or maybe her lips are the only point of feeling in her body.

also funny and “wtf”-worthy is the girl in the background, who, undoubtedly was lucky enough to have made a trip to the american girl doll store. what does she do with said new doll? oh, let’s go soak the crap out of it in millennium park, that will be fun. they have a hospital for her when i soak her to the point of no return, right? i was never lucky enough to receive one of these dolls, but had i, i can guarantee she wouldn’t have gone for a swim in a public fountain.  i’m just saying.

i would just like to add that i adore/love/envy the polka-dot bikini. you can’t tell bc it’s in b&w, but it’s bright pink. what other color would it be? hello cuteness.

so after posted and viewed this, something wasn’t working with the photo. i went back to photoshop and changed it into b&w and wiper-girl just popped out of the image. there is no rhyme or reason for figuring out what is better, b&w or color. sometimes the photos just tell you what they want to be.  case in point. this is now a fav photo.

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  1. cherokeebydesign says:

    Awesome pic.


  2. Emily says:

    Gotta love it when your art chooses itself, right? I mean sometimes it’s just meant to be. She is the most precious! Turned out just right~ e