new fav pic(s) alert. these are obviously from the 4H fair last week. what’s more middle america than crappy, soon to fall apart carnival rides operated by even creepier carnies and corn dogs? i’ve finally done enough experimentation with my camera to feel comfortable with distorting exposure and shutter speeds, resulting in the top image. […]

it’s a majorly crappy day today. so in honor of that, here is a tiny puddle jumper. this little girl was so adorable, spent a solid ten minutes jumping up and down trying to make a splash. i could have sat and snapped away for hours….but her mom probably would have been pretty creeped out. […]

so you know how kids constantly do things that leave you asking yourself, “why in the world would you do that?” this picture epitomizes that question. this little girl was running through the fountain in millennium park, constantly wiping only her lips, with a now-soaked kleenex. why? who knows. maybe she didn’t enjoy feeling like […]

  sometime “accidents” happen when taking photos and they’re almost always a good thing. i actually didn’t really even realize until andrew pointed it out to me, but you can see his drawing reflected in the lens of his glasses.  oh so cool.  his expression and the fact that i was in his face with […]

i snapped this at luke’s game last night.  my brothers love to cheese it up, so getting them to ‘act natural,’ whatever that means, can be difficult.  really, if being a cheeseball is your normal, then i guess that’s being natural.  i also love that you can see some of his many freckles, which are in […]