it feels so good to be back in the saddle of photographing and blogging! there couldn’t possible be a better way to start the new year!! prepare to swoon. if you don’t leave this page longing to hold a little babe, i’m not sure what to say about you! not only are these two obviously […]

i don’t even know where to begin with this “(professional) year in review.” when i took the leap this past may and booked my first paying customer, i had no idea what i had in store. what i thought would just be a side hobby, with a starting goal of booking 5 clients, has turned […]

is this not the cutest little family? carolyn contacted me to do her senior photos (to come in a later post) and her mom decided to have a mini family session at the same time. carolyn, emily and zach are as cute as they are polite and i love being around them. i think you […]

meet bailey. she just turned one, is totally sweet and obviously cute. her big brother ben, even came to help and was equally cute. being so close i age, i can’t wait to see how they interact in a few years. maybe i’ll get to photograph them together?? wink wink. her mom, gina, told me […]

so did you figure out this tweet? two seniors….who are sisters…but not twins??? jordan skipped the 6th grade!! smarty-pants in the house! i had so much fun with these two adorable girls. after having to cancel our initial session due to rain (boo hiss!) we decided on a weekday evening, which always scares me. we […]