life: rylee


meet rylee.
i know, right? she is a verrrry happy little one year old who, i believe, has a wardrobe even bigger than mine! that is, of course, thanks for her awesome mom. check out her etsy store here. all of rylee’s cute little leg warmers and some (?) tutus are from her store, beez kneez!
rylee was a TOTAL trooper with her shoot and lasted about an hour longer than i thought she would. she is very opinionated and even developed a stern “no” when we’d ask her to do things. seriously. i tried to photoshop out some obvious tears, which were a sign of said opinions, but then i thought, “you can’t change the fact that when she didn’t want to smile, SHE DIDN’T WANT TO SMILE.” so, i sort of let up on the clone tool a bit and let them read as they were taken.
thank you so much, jamie and matt for working with me and a special thanks to matt for being a bit of a pack mule! i can’t wait to photograph your whole family soon!
my favorite is the above, but really, it was hard to pick from all this cuteness and tulle.


IMG_5070f IMG_5150f


my second favorite, on the left. something with the focusing on the tutu is so awesome. would look amazing blown up really big!
IMG_5394 IMG_5345f



IMG_5316f IMG_5511f

if you know rylee’s dad, you know that being a jasper wildcat fan is requirement!





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