senior: katie


caution: photo-bomb coming your way!
you may remember katie from this shoot. i was so happy when they booked me for katie’s senior pictures, too. her mom, melissa is such a fun, infectious spirit who i love being around (their whole family, really). melissa has become somewhat of a cheerleader of mine, which i can’t accurately thank her enough.
katie is a fun-loving (how could you not be with her parents), mature, sweet and AMAZINGLY photogenic senior at jasper. i mean, seriously.
with both shoots, melissa wanted to “be surprised” and wouldn’t peek at any of the shots. so, SURPRISE!
it must have been the pirate jokes. it gets them every time:



my second favorite, on the left.
IMG_4436rtf IMG_4475rtf
so we happened to be at the french lick resort, walking back to the car and i glanced over at the kidsfest building (something i’ve walked past no less than 50 times). right there, smack dab on the side of the building is “KIDS” spelled out. um. katie’s initials. donut-holes (translation: awesome).
IMG_4670f IMG_4707f

IMG_4884rtf IMG_4565rtf

then we changed locations and this happened. yeah……
only the most awesome-est photographers find buildings that match their client’s (un-photoshopped) blue eyes. my goodness (and my favorite)…

IMG_4745f IMG_4832rtf




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