these two! first of all, we totally hit my personal favorite fall sweet spot with this session. before the trees get too fall-like (i know! i just love my greens!) but the fields are that beautiful amber that i love so much. back to alex and cody. they actually went to high school together but […]

these two are SO cute!!! i briefly met madelaine while shooting her sister’s wedding reception this past spring and was pretty proud of myself for only calling her amelia once! while lance was less than excited about taking photos, i think he’d tell you that he had more fun than he expected. 🙂 i can’t […]

micah’s job takes him all over the world and is the reason these two will soon relocate to colorado (color me jealous!). last winter said job took him to paris and jill decided to join him. one perfect proposal in the city of light later, these two flew back to the states ready to take […]

these two were the troopers of all troopers. you know that feeling when you let your head hang over a pot of boiling water? that’s what the air felt like on the night of their session. you think i’m kidding. i’m so not. we powered through as quickly as possible and i couldn’t be more […]

are you sick of seeing beautiful engagement sessions yet? me neither. but this is actually my last one for a while! the weather that morning was so crazy! the fog was thick and low and believe it nor not, it looked better in photos. heather and beau met at hanover, a tiny college not too […]