19. 19 sessions in which i exclaimed, “closer…no space…..ok little giggle…touch your head, your eyes will cross…closer”. 19 amazing couples i had the privilege of getting to know via my most favorite type of session. i feel like i constantly wax poetic about how much i love engagement sessions and how important i think they are, so i won’t […]

last engagement session of the year, friends! these two are so sweet, friendly and warm. just what you want on a brisk late-fall evening! can’t wait for your wedding next fall!!

you know how sometimes the universe is so ironically ridiculous that you just want to pull your hair out? and how sometimes the universe is so kind and ironic…in a good way?? that phenomenon was exactly how joann and dexter met. they both graduated from indiana state university and while joann swears she remembers seeing “that […]

ryan and erica had the pure luck of photographing their engagement photos on, what i believe to have been, the most beautiful, perfect, stereotypical fall evening. when we showed up to our location, i spotted the area where the first bit of these photos was taken and almost passed out from happiness. erica and ryan two […]

these two high school sweethearts are just that….SO SWEET! their love started in high school and made its way through their college careers at depaw and marian and has settled into their “adult life” in indianapolis. i could have photographed these two all night. from our amazing location in the ferdinand forest, to their completely […]