sometimes when i go to write blog posts for my couple’s weddings, i curse myself a little for not writing it right away since certain details and emotions disappear so soon, post-wedding. that does not pertain to heather and beau’s day. i can recall the way i felt all day, feeling so completely lucky and […]

i’m not sure how i’ve been so lucky this summer to have been paired with so many AWESOME couples. coming down from heather+josh’s wedding, i was immediately looking forward to spending the day with makenzie and zeth. again, thoughtful people…makenzie, i believe, gave me/us our first baby gift. i was so taken back and knew […]

beth and eric met in college and as their friends tell it, they knew, before eric even knew, that he and beth were going to be in it for the long haul. separately, they are kind, so smart, quiet but assertive when need be, and so in love with each other. oh and did i […]

  while the weather wasn’t our bff the day ali+eric said “i do”, i can’t imagine a more beautiful, warm, love-filled day for two awesome people. a+e have an air about them that makes you want to stick around and shoot the breeze. thoughtful, caring, funny….they are good people. good people that found each other […]