this doesn’t happen very often, people. i think i’ve finally discovered the secret to getting ben in a non-cheese state: tell him you’re not really taking the picture ‘yet.’ i told him i was just looking, not shooting yet. sucka! ps, his eyes totally look tie-dyed. pretty appropriate for him. pps, can we also note […]

after a matinee to iron man 2 (i give it 2 out of 4 stars), i was spending some time with the boys, when ben announced he had a bone to pick with me: ben: sis, why don’t you ever put me on your blog? me: ben, i do too. you were just on it […]

“of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.” -janet lane

ben gets the spotlight once again today and not just because this is obviously a fav photo. ben spent the night in the ER after sustaining a burn on four of his fingers from the muffler shield of a go-cart. if i’m not mistaken this marks his 3rd trip to what should be named “the […]

when i drove up to dad’s last night, i discovered  all 3 boys running around without shirts.  typical.  when i finally corralled them for a picture, luke says, “everybody flex their abs.” this is ben’s interpretation of flexing one’s abs: that then led to us trying to explain to ben how you flex your abs.  […]