benny "the jet" rodriguez

please tell me you got the movie reference. if you didn’t, you’re an “L 7 weeeeeeeeenie.”


Benjamin J. Hochgesang (7)

Ben jamin' J. Hochgesang (7)

So ben had a big baseball weekend.  one game on friday and a double header on sunday.  we won’t discuss wins or losses, we only count the amount of fun that was had, right?  yeah, didn’t think so.  i was/am very proud of him.  i am always amazed at what kids this age are capable of.  they seem so little and tiny, as if they shouldn’t be able to run, hit and throw yet, let alone adjust their cup incessantly.


also, i thought it was kind of ironic (read: sad) that after 25 years and 360 days on this earth, i just noticed this while up at our farm this weekend…spells “meg” backward.  


Meg water pump

Meg water pump

dean and i went fishing while up at the farm.  fish count- dean: 3, meghan: 0. represent!  while leaving, dean carelessly throws his pole in the water and catches another bass while saying to me, “you know, half the battle of catching a fish is knowing you’re going to catch a fish.  if you believe it, it will happen.”  to which i said, “thank you very much for that tidbit, john locke.”  


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  1. breedingcreativity says:

    I missed this post for some reason. Hilarious about the fishing!!