i hope your mask leaves a tan line

i just read this article and now feel the need to thank the hundreds of overly worried, ridiculous people.  for without you, i would not have booked my trip to mexico for next fall (mazel tov, angela and ray) as dirt cheaply as i did.  as in $350 for my airfare (not currently booked; i’m playing airline roulette) and a whopping $70 (total) for 5 nights at the le meridien.  most of the latter was because i used starwood points, but the rates are astoundingly low.

le meridien

le meridien


while this is awesome for my bank account, i’m almost a little sad about taking advantage of mexico in such a way. it’s like ‘the little country who could’ right now.  while i will acknowledge the fact that the spread of this so-called epidemic is terrible, perhaps what people really need is a healthy dose of facts and reality…or xanax.  by the way, what happened to scientists getting all freaked out by the overuse of purell-like products, which are known to cause bacteria to build a resistance, therefore creating the SUPERBUG??  oh and by definition, epidemic is: affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent. last time i checked, thousands of people are infected every year from the flu.  let’s leave the throwing around of such words for real epidemics like AIDS and malaria, k? 

before you go canceling your summer vacation plans, try turning off the news and turn on your brain.  really, what’s worse, a few hundred people falling ill with something completely curable or the death of a tourism mecca?

so, hold the purell, but feel free to pass the tequila. and the sunscreen.


and i’ll give my soapbox back to my friend jeff now, i know he might miss it if i have it for too long. plus, he knows all the statistics, anyway.

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