this christmas


this break for the holidays has been just what i’ve needed. this fall has been so crammed full of photoshoots, work at my full time job and buying a house, my head was starting to spin. they’re all good stresses, but at the end of the day, stress is stress.
i used my time this holiday to relax, spend time with family and absorb myself in what matter most. we even had a white christmas. what more could you ask for?
i hope you enjoyed your holiday equally and spend it doing what makes you happiest.

what needs a bow, when you have beau?


josh and i decided grandma needed a bb gun to defend her garden from pests this spring. what other bb gun would you buy, than a red ryder?! her reaction made it my favorite gift i gave this christmas.



she sure looks sweet and innocent…
who knew your family farm also serves as a ski slope?
IMG_3158 IMG_3180


remember what i said about sweet and innocent? bean stalks don’t feel so good poking into your chest while your big little sister is tackling you.


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  1. E_vonderheide says:

    The look on Anna's face while being towed on the sled is priceless.