life: the hedingers


this is my last shoot of the season, friends! however, this was shot about a month ago, as a surprise for their parents! how cute is that?
i actually grew up down the street from andrea, micki, joe and adam and i now own the house in back of them! talk about full circle…these four were so fun to work with, though it was FREEZING. you’d never know it with these photos, though. let’s just say we worked fast and in the sun as much as possible. i can’t think of a better shoot to wrap the year up with!
my favorite:


adam is a little jokester.

IMG_2841 IMG_2907


so the hedingers own the distribution of dad’s root beer, which just happens to be my favorite root beer. and i’ve tried a lot. trust me. given this was a shoot to surprise their dad, i couldn’t NOT do this shot. i think he needs this blown up huge for his office. and the second image was too good not to post. i turn my head for a second to close a cattle gate, and this is what the two boys do. boys will be boys….
IMG_2932 IMG_2978

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  1. Ahedinger says:

    Thanks Meghan! Our parents LOVED them!