XII dear hazel, 11 months! hazel, how is this possible?? i’m late, per usual, in writing this letter and i have to blame most of my tardiness on the fact that i’m sitting here in a corner in the fetal position trying to figure out how in the world we’re even talking about your first […]

josh’s brother, well, now my brother in LAW (crazy!!) and his family were in town a couple weeks ago to celebrate an early christmas so we decided to mark the occasion with some quick photos. it’s pretty amazing the amount of photos you can pop off in 10 minutes! no excuses for no family photos!!! […]

this break for the holidays has been just what i’ve needed. this fall has been so crammed full of photoshoots, work at my full time job and buying a house, my head was starting to spin. they’re all good stresses, but at the end of the day, stress is stress. i used my time this […]

i hope you spend your day(s) surrounded by those you love, making memories for years to come. love, meghan

instead of tboxing this past saturday, i spent the day doing something a little more healthy; crafting with the brothers. my liver (and spirit) sure thanked me. i found these online and thought they looked too cute not to make. i will say, however, that martha is smoking crack if she thinks a child can […]