saturday craftday


instead of tboxing this past saturday, i spent the day doing something a little more healthy; crafting with the brothers. my liver (and spirit) sure thanked me. i found these online and thought they looked too cute not to make. i will say, however, that martha is smoking crack if she thinks a child can figure these out on their own. i’m 26 and i barely managed. after ‘mastering’ the reindeer (and letting a few too many ‘craps’ fly. “sis, we don’t say the “k” word), we attempted the snowmen, but they quickly turned into an epic fail. that is, until ben turned his snowman (which was worlds better than mine) in a cowboy who rode rudolph. well-played, brother, well-played.

despite what the last picture will tell you, andrew really did have fun. i even overhead him say, “this is awesome.” or maybe that’s just because the activity got him out of doing homework….that’s neither here nor there. i got him to say something i did was cool; score one for this super-awesome sister.

he really did have fun

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