in love: chelsea + chris

ugh…these two! they just exude JOY. being in chris and chelsea’s presence, you can’t not smile. they are equally kind and their adoration of each other is obvious.

chris and chelsea both work crazy hours in the ER, which means that when they do manage to have time off at the same time, they try to make the most of it. in fact, since we shot these a month ago, they took a last minute trip to mexico! i can’t blame chris, i kind of want to spend all my time with chelsea (and her mom, the literal sweetest!) too! since they take a lot of trips and actually got engaged on one of those trips to nashville, we settled on engagement photos there. you don’t have to twist my arm! we began our session downtown at union station, where they got engaged! we then went to 12 south (my personal favorite neighborhood) and finished up on broadway, of course.

chris and chelsea, i can’t thank you enough for having me down to nashville. i’m already counting down the days to your sand key, florida wedding!


if you thought they were cute on their own, wait until you see pippa and roscoe thrown into the mix!!


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