ugh…these two! they just exude JOY. being in chris and chelsea’s presence, you can’t not smile. they are equally kind and their adoration of each other is obvious. chris and chelsea both work crazy hours in the ER, which means that when they do manage to have time off at the same time, they try […]

you know you live in a small town when you start chatting with your bride and discover that you’re actually 2nd or 3rd cousins and didn’t really have a clue. in our/my defense, our respective grandmother’s had a huge family. it’s hard to keep track. shayla and toren are SUCH troopers. they really wanted to […]

after many years of dating, these two high school sweethearts are finally making it official next fall! i loved our chilly morning at the azalea path (which looks a lot more green this time of year) and can’t wait for september!

these two are SO sweet! emily and adam are high school sweethearts and they’re going to say yes to forever next spring! emily was one of my first bookings for 2018 and i’ve since learned that she works with all my former coworkers at masterbrand! it feels strangely comforting knowing that she’s in good hands […]

jessica and brian are so sweet! we met early in the morning at the ferdinand forest, which reminded me how much i love shooting there–especially in the morning. thanks for a great morning you two three! isn’t hobbs the cutest? i can’t wait for september!