the thomases + baby

the day i discovered bre was expecting her first baby, i just hoped and prayed she would call me to shoot maternity photos. i have the pleasure of seeing this lovely lady a lot, as she’s part of iCandy’s all-star team of stylists that i get to work with on a LOT of my weddings. she is as beautiful and sweet as they come and i just knew she’d be the most beautiful pregnant momma.

fast forward to the morning i woke up to said hoped-for email and we made it happen! i know that maternity photos can seem kind of luxurious and “unnecessary”, but let me tell you. you will never get those 9 months back. who knows what your next pregnancy (if you choose to try for more) will look like and i’ve never ever heard anyone say, “darn i wish i hadn’t spent that money getting photos taken at this huge stage of our lives.” never.

anyway, i digress. enjoy these sweet photos of this even sweeter couple. they’re going to make the best parents!

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