my life: 9.8.12, a year later

this past sunday, josh and i celebrated our first anniversary. i’ve spoken about our wedding here before, but even a year later i look at that day and can’t help but think of all the joy shared by our family and close friends. there are few times in your life that everyone who you love is in the same room and because of that, i hold on to those memories SO tightly. a lot has happened since 9.8.12 and plenty more is to come but one constant is how much i truly adore and love my husband. truly.
a year later, i also finally got my act together and created a little video of our day. hope you enjoy!
thanks to my friend, adria, for capturing video snippets for me throughout the day.
“love that girl” by raphael saadiq
“everlasting light” by the black keys
clary pfeiffer
oh and the video looks much better in HD, so make sure that’s selected.

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  1. Dad says:

    Very nice, Meghan. Time to get some tissue!