weekend roundup

man, what a week. while it was shoot-light, it was emotionally heavy. on monday, we said goodbye to our family dog, lilly. i have more to say about that sweet lady, but not today. not to be insensitive to the human race, but there are few things sadder than saying goodbye to a pet.

on a much happier note, i shot the lovely wedding of megan + brent on saturday and also had sessions with 2 lovely families.

on to things of note:
• megan and brent had a little debbie bar at their wedding on saturday. are there sweeter words to whisper to a pregnant lady?!
• since beau had to have 7 teeth removed last fall, sometimes when he sleeps (and sometimes when he’s not even sleeping) his tongue slips out. it’s never not funny.
• i was looking at my calendar for next year and only have 2 spots for september/october weddings!! if you’ve been meaning to contact me, i suggest you do it soon!
• words can’t even describe how excited i am for this weekend. on saturday i am wedding-free, BUT i’m shooting an engagement session on iu’s campus and then i actually get to attend the game that night with my family. it’s my first (and only 1 of 3 games i can go to this year) this year and i can’t wait.
• baby is still a mango (not sure why the fruit size hasn’t changed since last week!) and i’m still feeling great. i think i’ve finally solved the headache problem that’s been plaguing me, so that’s been amazing. i’ve definitely started to feel the limitations (soon to be much greater) in my movements. bending over to pick things up definitely feels funky now. 🙂
happy monday, here’s to a great week!

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