life: an update on mine

wow it’s been a while since i’ve put anything personal on this site! which is funny, considering the origins of this little blog. i have been running 100 mph for so long that my head is literally beginning to spin. to make a long story short: i’m working my BEE-hind off. however, as stressed out as i am, i couldn’t be happier with the kind of stress i’m under. it’s all such a good, beautiful thing. so, here’s a rundown of things that have happened in my life lately.
• the above photo was taken at luke’s 16th birthday party. how is luke 16? i still remember the day he was a month old and spit up in my mouth. those 4 people are my brothers and sisters. the entire group. no halves or steps. i don’t play that game.
• this weekend will wrap up my wedding season and while i am sad that my next isn’t until april, i’m happy to get caught back up again. the wedding i shot last weekend and will post next week (hopefully) is going to blow your mind. being part of their day was pure magic.
• josh and i leave for mexico next saturday. 5 days of R&R&S* are just what the doctor ordered. (*Rest and relaxation and sun)
• prepping for josh’s family to visit in december, we’ve been working like mad to whip our guest rooms into shape. i should say, my mom has been working like mad, i’ve just been working when i can. mad props to her. i can’t wait to show you photos, they’re going to be great.
• i ordered a 117″ paper backdrop last week, sort of by accident. i had to return it when i realized it would never even fit in my car to take to a shoot. whoopsie.
• i am SO happy boot season has returned. my frye’s were getting lonely.
• oh and probably most notably, to josh: he bought his dream car last week and promptly took it to its first iu tailgate. oh dear….
so how about you guys? what have you been up to? also, i just want to thank all the new, awesome people who have been coming around and looking at what i’m doing. it means a lot. also, i’m almost at 200 fans on facebook-how awesome is that?! don’t you want to be a fan???
mad love and crunchy fall leaves–MH

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