2/1/17 dear hazel, this letter is so overdue, i’m not really even sure where to begin. you see, i just picked up your registration packet for preschool and i was flooded with all the feelings. i figured it was time to tell you about what you’ve been up to. since we last left off, the […]

josh’s brother, well, now my brother in LAW (crazy!!) and his family were in town a couple weeks ago to celebrate an early christmas so we decided to mark the occasion with some quick photos. it’s pretty amazing the amount of photos you can pop off in 10 minutes! no excuses for no family photos!!! […]

today isn’t about photos or weddings anything about me. today i want to take a minute moment to express my condolences for those lost in sandy’s wrath and my deep hope that all my loved ones (both family and friends) on the east coast are digging themselves out, finding electricity and water and are just…ok. […]

well, not really. i keep getting asked about how i’m going to handle this whole, marriage-new last name/company name- situation. the answer is pretty simple: meghan hochgesang photo (now, officially, Inc-according to the IRS) will stay just that. i’ll be keeping everything status-quo around here, but personally i will be changing my name to meghan […]

wow it’s been a while since i’ve put anything personal on this site! which is funny, considering the origins of this little blog. i have been running 100 mph for so long that my head is literally beginning to spin. to make a long story short: i’m working my BEE-hind off. however, as stressed out […]