something old, something new?

well, not really. i keep getting asked about how i’m going to handle this whole, marriage-new last name/company name- situation. the answer is pretty simple: meghan hochgesang photo (now, officially, Inc-according to the IRS) will stay just that. i’ll be keeping everything status-quo around here, but personally i will be changing my name to meghan hochgesang premuda after we return from our honeymoon in december.
it’s the best of both worlds, really. my baby (my business) that i’ve been growing over the past few years will continue to flourish under its established name and personally, i’ll be beginning a new chapter.
and btw, i thought going from a never correctly pronounced name to “premuda” would be a piece of cake. turns out people are struggling. so, to help, it’s pronounced: pre- (soft e) muda. sort of like bermuda. only not.
photo by my dad.

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