life: lindsey; memorial high school senior

meet lindsey. i truly can’t say enough nice things about her and her mother. they were introduced through a friend, who i happened to have shot a time or two. not only was i excited to hopefully break into a new market, but when i found out they wanted to shoot at THE victoria national golf club i was THRILLED.
we had a very chilly morning the day of our shoot…as in, it was 45 degrees!! lindsey handled it like a champion, though. she is such an obviously smart girl who’s cute as a button and i can just tell her maturity exceeds her age. lindsey, i hope you enjoy your photos and i wish you the very best not only in your senior year, but beyond-wherever you may end up deciding to go. i also hope you don’t find many grammatical errors in this post. 🙂
the photo below was the first one i popped off that morning. this is when you know it’s going to be a good shoot:

i’m aware this is out of focus and i realize it’s not a typical “senior shot”, but something about it was so raw and beautiful to me.

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  1. Parismichele says:

    Meghan we love the pictures!  Thanks so much for coming to Newburgh!