gillian is such a sweet little sprite of a girl! i so loved our evening together after briefly meeting at her cousin, joseph’s wedding a few weeks prior. gillian is a bit of a golfer and hopes to play at the collegiate level next year! all the best, gillian!

my first senior of the year!!! i don’t advertise or do a ton of seniors each year, so i was thrilled when mallory’s mom reached out to me MONTHS ago. her mom was one of my favorite teachers ever and i was so excited to catch up with her and to meet mallory. sidebar: mallory’s mom is […]

oh, sweet mira!! i should probably state for the record that, yes, i am related to mira and no, that doesn’t influence anything i’m about to spout off about her. mira is such a silent force. i mean that in the best way. she’s marches along all quiet, absorbing everything and then out of nowhere […]

i had such a great time photographing kate a couple weeks ago! a lover of the arts, she’s in the marching band and is an avid reader. i loved that she brought along her favorite books to incorporate into her shoot! thanks for such a great evening, kate!  

i feel that this could get long-winded. i left my shoot with thad feeling so great and hopeful knowing that great young men like thad exist…and that one day, maybe my daughter will date one of them. if her dad allows, that is. thad is put together, mature, thoughtful and so smart. i truly can’t […]