life: rebecca; springs valley high school senior

rebecca is my first of TWO seniors making an appearance on the blog this week. (i’m so jazzed about both!!)  we met up at my family’s farm (i hadn’t used it in a LONG time!!) last week and after having to cancel once i had my fingers crossed that mother nature would pull through for me/us. did she ever. these are the first images of the “fall” season where i literally think “wow, that’s totally a fall photo” when looking at them. rebecca is such a sweetheart and is even an aspiring photographer herself!
best of luck with the rest of your senior year, rebecca. and thank you, again, for choosing to work with me–i loved every second of it!
side note: who noticed my little corner of the interwebs got a little facelift? i’ve been slowly transitioning away from “mh photography” to my full name. since i am an artist and all, i didn’t think “mh photography” really said anything. also, my name is pretty darn unique and i don’t think there are any others out there! i hope you enjoy the small (but big to the graphic designer me) changes!

how beautiful are her eyes?? ugh love them. and i can’t even start with her flawless skin. there were literally no touch-ups done to these photos.

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