weekend roundup

last week FINALLY brought warm weather, which came at a great time since the week was packed full of shoots. it also brought spring on in full force. suddenly the pear tree in my back yard is in full bloom and my peonies (!!!) are growing tall. i was worried that we’d skip spring and shoot straight to summer (seeing as though it was 80 one day last week) but things seemed to have mellowed out, leaving me relishing the not quite chilly but not quite hot temperatures. i LOVE it.
other highlights from my week:
• since i’m now my own boss, i get to set my own schedule. and something i’ll be making time for this spring/summer is gardening with my grandma. and i’m just a little bit excited to help her out.
• i made indian food this past week and nearly blew the lid off both myself and josh’s heads.
• i was so busy with shoots last week that my status as chef of the house should be revoked. aside from our indian meal, the food i subjected josh to was truly terrible. my mission this week is to redeem myself.
• this is completely ridiculous and i’m a little ashamed to admit that while working at my computer during the day, i’m usually watching old episodes of dawson’s creek. yes, you just read that correctly. it’s been SO fun reliving that show and it jets me straight back to high school.
• speaking of (higher quality) tv, josh and i are totally caught up with homeland. two things: 1) season 2 finale??? woah. josh and i are conflicted on how we feel about how it ended. 2) i’m in complete withdrawal mode.
happy monday!!

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  1. Jan Block says:

    love viewing your photos Meghan…awesome job..(also I have to admit Mark has been subjected to a lot of questionable cooking on my part) makes love grow fonder!! lol