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*** knowing i would be posting this joyful family this morning, i spent much of last night trying to figure out how to so, when there is so much sorrow, hurt and disgust happening in our country. it seems obligatory to make mention of how much my heart aches for these families and all those involved (i actually had a friend/old coworker running in the race) in boston. obligatory or not, this news is so much bigger than you and i and while making mention of it makes me no better of a photographer than the next, i feel it’s right to express my feelings. this world is such a confusing place and it’s times like this that we need to hold our family a little tighter, laugh a little harder and…just love.***
you all know how much i love repeat clients, i waxed poetic about it last week. however, new clients, and relationships with them, are what keep my business afloat. when allison contacted me to capture her ADORABLE family, i may have squealed a little. beyond the fact that i was selfishly excited to photograph them, i thoroughly enjoyed getting to know allison and klint, staying long after our shoot ended.
i had such a fun, laid back shoot with roan, rory, allison and klint. i mean, how can you not with kiddos this cute? enjoy!

rory’s little glace on the right melts my heart.

this photo (below) made me laugh SO hard. i adore roan’s squishy face.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35 1.4L, canon 50 1.2L

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