tomboy at heart

tomboy at heart

i got home from work last night and lilly was waiting for me, as usual, but last night she was extra proud of herself; she had been groomed, evidence in the (hideous) bow. she hasn’t had a hood ornament in years because she always paws them out (she prefers iu collars to bows), but for whatever reason, the bow is remaining proudly intact. she seems to walk with a certain swagger after making a trip to eileen’s, and you can almost hear her walking around saying, “look at me, aren’t i beautiful today? don’t you want to rub my belly extra long today?”

sub-story: apparently he didn’t compliment her enough because after dinner lilly proceeded to pee on the carpet not 10 feet from dean. how’s that for sticking it to the man? lesson: always compliment a woman after a trip to the hairdresser.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Hah!! I thought Lilly only pee’s for me!!!