tree style

my favorite ornament EVER
i thought you might be curious to see what the “v” tree looks like. with the exception of a sporadically growing ornament collection, it looks the same every year, which i love. what i don’t love was the epic year my beloved REAL tree was replaced by our current impostor of a tree. yup, the v’s went fake. it’s so wrong. almost as wrong as margarine. (yes, you should stop eating that fake crap) mom’s solution? a candle. the candle smells more like pineapple than evergreen. yes i’m still bitter and no i will not get over it. i know what your thinking, “stop whining and get your own place and your own tree.” we’re not having that discussion here, k? thanks. besides, my laundry never smells as good as mom’s.

back to the point, there are ornaments on our tree i remember getting years ago and still put up every year. not counting the ones i “created” in preschool. those, conveniently, never see the light of day. i’m a creature of habit and traditions/small gestures like that make me smile.

ellen color-coordinates our presents

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love it!

    I told my mom that she needs to write down the history of each ornament…I should do the same. As we place them on the tree, we talk about them – but who knows if we will remember the STORIES behind each one.