cookie sweatshop


we take sugar cookies, well cookies in general, very seriously in the schroeder family. our cookies do not derive from the roll out, boxed or pre-made variety. in fact, hours go in to creating such delectable treats. those said hours could also have attributed to why my skinny jeans are extra tight today. but that’s another story.

this past sunday we dedicated a solid 5 hours to our infamous sugar cookies, by far the most painstaking of our traditional cookie spread. i’d give you the recipe, but then, well, i’d have to kill you. it’s a secret that came over on the boat. no, really, it did. they’re easily the best sugar cookies i’ve ever had and trust me, i never turn down the opportunity for a challenger.

we enlisted the help of brothers #2 and #3; number #1 was apparently wearing his teenager pants and was thus way too cool for cookie decorating. though he did say he had no problem eating them. funny how that works. it was a fun, EXHAUSTING day, complete with a piano break to amuse ben with christmas tunes.




piano break

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  1. kseverny says:

    i’m pretty sure i could make it a very close race.
    these cookies look delicious