pay it forward friday: brinton films

i discovered this couple/studio a few weeks ago when their engagement video popped up on my tumblr dashboard. i was completely awestruck. it wasn’t until after i watched their video (and showed it to josh) that i realized that THEY are the ones usually behind the camera. that good looking AND talented. come on.
brinton films’ videos are such an interesting approach to videography. they almost combine a conventional photoshoot with video. it’s amazing. if you’d asked me a few months ago my stance on wedding videographers i probably would have shrugged and said “ehhh…not necessary”. but now? budget allowing? brinton films changed my view on wedding films completely. if i had access to them my answer would be “absolutely, no questions asked.” maybe down the road i’ll be lucky enough to work with them–i totally added it to my personal bucket list.
take a look through some of their videos, you’ll be as dumbstruck as me.

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