life: the keusch family; jasper indiana family photographer

i believe you may remember this family, last seen here. can you believe how much these kiddos have grown in a year in a half? i couldn’t believe it when i pulled that post up! you see, papa keusch had a major milestone birthday a couple weeks ago and since the entire family was in town, something i learned doesn’t happen often, they wanted some photos done and i’m SO glad they called me. you know how some families just have that something about them that makes you wish you were somehow a part of it? that’s how i feel when i’m around them.
it was majorly cold that day, though i’m so glad they suffered for 10 minutes outside for me; those handful of images are my favorite, hands down. we ended the day back at their home to take some photos with papa keusch’s other babies: his cars. i’m sure he can tell you many more intricate details about them, but you’ll have to settle for my explanation: they’re GORGEOUS mustangs. ROWS of them.
thank you keusches for allowing me to capture your beautiful family again!

after spending most of the shoot pretending to be bashful, olivia busted out this model move. kids are THE funniest!

i don’t mean to play favorites, but this is my favorite family breakout from the day. i adore this moment between steffi, henry and olivia.

a hefty “thanks” goes out to my fabulous sister for helping me with this shoot! xoxo

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  1. Sjkhart says:

    Love these Meghan! Thanks so much for the lovely things you have said about our family…they are pretty great!
    See you soon (in Italy perhaps???)
    Xo steffi

  2. Rkschnell says:

    Tears are flowing down my face!!!  These are so beautiful!  I especially love the school house one.  I can not wait to see the others.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!