my thoughts on: client approval

i frequently ask my past brides/grooms for feedback on my “performance.” call it being a perfectionist, call it having low self-confidence, call it narcissistic. a pat on the back or a kick in the pants yields equal influence for me.
i built my business on excellent customer service, so when i asked a past bride what made her book me to begin with and she responded, “honestly, the fact that you answered my email not only the same day, but within the same hour spoke volumes to me,” i gave myself a huge pat on the back. wow. seriously? i can’t imagine NOT answering someone who is a) SO excited to be engaged and b) SO excited at the thought of my capturing his/her wedding, in a timely matter. it’s like sending a note to the cute boy in 5th grade and anxiously awaiting a circled “yes” or “no”.

my point? perhaps i need to be better about touting the fact that my #1 goal isn’t to provide you with breathtaking images (that’s not a goal, it’s a given), it’s to make your entire process of getting married as easy (and enjoyable) as possible. not only do i promise a response to all emails/inquires within 24-48 hours, brides will ALWAYS see a sneak peek of their wedding within 2 days. always. i’m as excited as the bride to see at least one shot from the day.

oh and did i mention you’ll see a full blog post of images within 2 weeks? or that my goal is to have your finished disc of images within a month? “why does that matter?” you ask? because i’ve actually heard of brides not seeing their images for MONTHS after their wedding. holy wow.
moral of the story: customer service is key, no matter what the industry. everyone remembers how they were treated and when asked about me, my goal for past clients is to not only recommend me, but to sing my praises.

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