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meet emma. shouldn’t she be a model? if you’re not convinced yet, wait until the end of this post. seriously.
emma’s mom, danielle, came to me this summer to take some pictures, but i was so heavily booked i couldn’t do it. i was so bummed, because, well, look at her. she’s a photographer’s dream, plus she has an amazing personality. fast forward a few months and you can imagine my delight when danielle (doesn’t she look like reese witherspoon??) called me to take some pictures of emma, but also some of the two of them to use for holiday cards. truth be told, the duo shots of them hold a special place in my heart. they are so sweet and candid and i wish that, when it was just my mom and me, i had some of my mom like this. i guess it means i’m doing my job when shots tug at my own heartstrings. man i’ve been lucky with some amazing clients this fall. me= one happy girl.


IMG_1014f IMG_1030f



IMG_1064f IMG_1183f



IMG_1289f IMG_1262f

and i saved my favorite for last. this image would stop traffic…in my opinion.

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  1. Sweetd says:

    LOVE these. Period. Thank you sooo much for taking such great shots, Meghan. I can not WAIT to give my dad a few of these!!

  2. Sharon Dempsey says:

    OMG! What a beautiful child! She SHOULD be a model!

    Sharon Dempsey

  3. Loribawel says:

    These are adorable!!!! Sweet Emma looks so beautiful as does mommy!