life: cartwright family

IMG_2445f IMG_2523f

remember this cutie patootie? little miss sassy-pants is BACK and this time she brought her entire family, including mr-handsome-brother, ryder.
i love this family and i love how shooting them is so relaxed…and FUN. i can’t wait to see these kiddos grow up and i hope to be a (photographic) part of that journey!


the image on the left is a new favorite. i especially love jamie’s hold on rylee’s toes. so yummy.
IMG_2700f IMG_2695f
meet ryder. handsome, right?
jamie, you’re gorgeous.
ok so i have to be real. this was not the easiest shoot i’ve done. jamie knows it. matt knows it. heck i think ryder even knew it. (though, contrary to how you felt, jamie, this was far from the worst shoot i’ve ever had!!) she was certain i wouldn’t have any decent photos but i believe the images above prove that wrong. HOWEVER, this image below is so great. i love the natural slice of life pictured in it. it’s not perfect, but neither is life. i love it.

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  1. Jamie says:

    this made me cry Meghan!!! Love, love, love your work, as ALWAYS! Thank you so much! <3

  2. Mandy Schneider says:

    These are wonderful. What a good looking family you have Jamie!!! So blessed 🙂