life: catherine; jasper high school senior

i believe that if you were to look up the name “catherine <last name redacted>”, the definition awaiting you would be: ray of sunshine. i can not even begin to say enough nice things about this young lady. she’s beautiful (seriously, catherine, you have no idea how beautiful you are), she’s smart, i firmly believe she’s going to change the world (she wants to major in missionary studies….come on, mother teresa!) and on top of all that she is sweet as apple pie. photographing her was literally the easiest thing i’ve done in a while. we had awesome light that evening and my super funny (read: HORRIFIC) jokes yielded some really adorable smiles.
i truly can’t wait to see this one’s life unfold. all my best to you this year (and beyond)!

i have so many, but i believe this is my favorite of the shoot.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Great pics, Meghan!  This gal is just precious!!

  2. Lisa says:

    WoW!!!!! This young woman is awesome, not to mention beautiful. Meghan you are so right when you said Catherine doesnt realize how beautiful she is . So, that just makes her that much more amazing. Lisa