life: ainsley marie, 5 months; southern indiana family photographer

guess what? i FINALLY have some family around to shoot, other than mia and lio! not that anyone could tire of shooting their adorable faces.
ainsley is my niece, for all intents and purposes, but if you want to get technical, she’s my 2nd cousin? doesn’t matter. she’s cute and i love her. the end. ainsley’s mom and i grew up 11 months apart and were the best of buds and i even got to be her maid of honor 5 (how is that possible) years ago! for the past 5 years, abby and kyle ┬áhave been living abroad, stationed in turkey and then germany. you can imagine how happy ALL of us are that they are now stateside in north dakota. what? that’s not close to indiana? whatever, we’re not separated by an OCEAN. and countries.
you can imagine our excitement when, after finding out we were pregnant, we learned that my child and ainsley will be exactly 11 months apart as well. and you can imagine how even more excited i was when i learned that we’re having a girl. how could two cousin-sisters manage to get so lucky, to continue to share so much in life. only this time, my child will be wearing the hand-me-downs.
thanks for blocking the time for photos while you were here, a+k. i’m already counting down the days until i get to see you guys next and let ainsley blow slobbery mouth-farts on my face!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 50 1.2L, canon 85 1.2L

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