weekend roundup

i can’t think of a better way to kick off fall wedding season than the weekend i had with tara and matt. we had beautiful weather (though, were are those fall temps?!), a beautiful bridal party and an overall ridiculously fun day. i’m also glad to say that i felt great by the end of the night, which was a welcome answer to my worries as to how i’d handle a 10-11 hour day while pregnant.
on to things of note!
• when i first started shooting, i had lots of goals. some big, some small. one of them was to shoot a wedding in bloomington. well, guess what, folks? next fall it’s happening! i couldn’t be more thrilled. along with that, i get to shoot 2 engagement sessions up there in the coming weeks. so lucky, i am.
• not that any of you really care, but as of last week i decided to switch print vendors. what does that mean? one more annoying task to add to the list. all of the love of better prints!
• josh and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. i can’t even talk about the fact that a year has already passed by. i really don’t know how that’s even possible. what i do know, is that if you think you love your husband the day you marry him, that love gets bigger every day. it does for me, anyway. i finally got around to making our wedding video, which is converting on vimeo right now. i’ll be posting it later today.
• baby p is a mango right now! this is the fruit/vegetable i’ve been most excited to relate to. why? not really sure, actually. but…a mango! i mean how cute?! still feeling good, headaches are better but not great by any means. she also got her first shipment of clothes this past week and i melted into a puddle goo!
happy monday!

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