in love: abby+jace; jasper indiana engagement photographer

it started with the urging of jace to look up this girl named abby. multiple people just knew she would be great for jace. well, wouldn’t you know, there are multiple girls on facebook sharing the same name as abby, none of which striked jace’s fancy. finally, while out for st patrick’s day, abby saw jace and introduced herself. now this abby, jace was interested in.
i had so much fun with these two, as i often do when shooting engagements. i just LOVE the opportunity to get to know my clients before wedding day. i really can’t understate how valuable e-sessions are in the process of creating amazing photos. come wedding day, if i’ve already worked with the couple before, they know me, are comfortable around me, and that initial awkward period doesn’t exist, allowing us to jump straight into the raw, true-to-self, real photos i so crave.
abby + jace, i’m so excited for your wedding this october! thanks again!
the top photo is my favorite and not-coincidentally was the last photo i took!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 85 1.2L, canon 35 1.4L, canon 50 1.2L, canon 100 2.8 marco (for ring shot only)

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  1. Emma Mercer says:

    Those are lovely pictures! I love seeing wedding or pre-nuptial pictures. I’m always totally amazed by how photographers capture every moment, every detail during a wedding or pre-nuptial photoshoots. I would like to learn photography and capture great pictures in the near future.