weekend roundup

happy tuesday, friends! i hope everyone had a relaxing and meaningful memorial day weekend! there’s always a buzz in the air, come memorial day, as it’s–for me, anyway–the official beginning of summer. memorial day used to mark the beginning of summer break and although i no longer am afforded that luxury, it’s still fun to celebrate!

last week was a really busy one, shooting-wise, which made the week FLY by. this week is a little lighter, which i’m looking forward to so that i can play catch up. last week also ran the gamut as far as types of shoots, let me tell you. i kicked off the week (on monday) shooting an engagement session in bloomington (i’m SO excited to share that this week), a 1 year old on friday, a wedding on saturday and finished with another engagement session yesterday! whew. onto happenings/things i learned this past week:
• josh and i put in new landscaping this week. i say “josh and i” but that really means we signed the check over to our amazing landscape architect, dallas foster. though we did spend an entire evening spreading mulch. ouch. it is amazing, though, how landscaping truly changes the look of a house. i’ll be posting some before/afters soon.
• if you follow me on any sort of social media outlet (facebook and instagram), you probably saw the crash felt around dubois county on saturday. yes, that’s my 24-70mm lens and yes, it’s shattered. that lens was the very first lens i ever bought and one i scrapped and saved every penny for. i don’t use it so much any more, as i’ve become strictly a prime lens user, but it’s the only lens i use during wedding receptions. meaning, i’m feeling it’s crash, hard. it was the weirdest thing, the way it happened putting no one at blame as i’m pretty sure if i tried to recreate the scene, i’d be highly unsuccessful. oh well, these things happen when you shoot as many weddings as i do. i’m pretty lucky it’s the first real accident that a piece of my gear has suffered. moral of the story? keep your knuckles away from the lens release button! off to canon it goes!
• saturday’s wedding brought that day’s bride and one of my bride’s for next year! (you’ll see her engagement session this fall) i SO love client referrals!!
• you may not know that the iu art museum was designed by i m pei. doesn’t ring a bell? perhaps the louvre in paris rings a bell? same person. i m was known for never using right angles. right down to the stairs that run through the atrium of iu’s museum. i would never admit to how many times i stumbled down these stairs in college and wasn’t surprised with the same clumsiness found it’s way to my feet again last saturday.
• yesterday was my last engagement session until this fall. major sad face!
• i’m suffering from some major wanderlust right now. i primarily blame alex and her wonderful blog. i’ve got a couple small trips planned in the coming months…chicago next week (does anyone want to do a session with me?? i’ll be in town june 7-12!) and northern california this fall. that’s fab, but man….this world is so big and so is my desire to see it.
• oh. i turned 30 last week. so there’s that. thanks to everyone who sent me nice wishes (it was so amazing hearing from so many clients!), it meant so much.
have a great week, everyone!!

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