where do i start? this post is a convergence of so many things in this world that i love, my head is spinning. little known fact: i grew up taking ballet classes. all the way through high school and college, actually. most of those later years were spent wearing bloch ballet shoes. no particular reason, they just best fit my narrow foot. we all know my, and most women’s, love for shoes. i won’t go further. but, a while ago i walked into a martin + osa store and was starstruck when i saw these bloch flats sitting there, waiting to be touched. unfortunately, they didn’t get to come home with me that day, a lack of job (and funds) prevented them from doing so. but, lack of job no more, they are finally mine. but the story doesn’t stop there, it only gets better.

yesterday i got an email from the mom saying “your package from martin arrived. and osa, too.” like a true junkie i walked straight to my room and ripped open the usps box and pulled out the shoebox, opened and gasped when i saw this:


you’re kidding me, right? companies don’t make shoe boxes like this anymore! unless you’re lanvin, of course. the graphic designer in me squealed and the shoe-lover in me smiled. what you can’t see is the shoes were lying in a small pink satin bag. as most graphic designers do, i notice the design and look of everything that passes through my hands and eyes all day, every day. no matter where i am. billboards, emails, book covers…you name it, i notice it. the attention to detail, in cases like this, make me proud to say i’m a designer (of all kinds) and that some lucky designer out there got to dream this up and make it happen. 10 cool points to you (if you’re that cool, i must be pretty cool, too) and 20 cool points to bloch for letting a graphic designer have a little creative breathing room.

call me a nerd, but i will always remember the moment i opened that shoe box. not only because i love the shoes, but that box. oh man, that lovely, gorgeous, exciting box…


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  1. Son says:

    agree with great packaging. very creative

  2. Lisa says:

    Stunning – makes me want to take ballet again!