bombs away

anyone who’s paid the least bit of attention to fashion for this fall knows that jackets (of all kinds) are king. i’ve been so inspired, that this will be my first of a few posts for fall jackets.

part I is reserved for leather biker/bomber jackets. what’s more rough around the edges/i woke up and threw this on over a floral dress/effortless/classic, than a leather jacket? the cool factor is through the roof. and as i’ve received at least 3 emails in the past few days, all advertising leather jackets, i knew i had to post my favs. i’ve been wanting a leather jacket for a few years, but haven’t made the purchase, mainly because i haven’t found one i love or have had the cash. below are my top 4 picks (in my price range, lord knows there are TONS i could dreamily ramble on about, but that’s useful to no one), and i definitely have a fav. i hesitated posted my fav because of the price tag, but since it’s the only one i truly love, i had to. i do have to say that there are a lot of cheap alternatives out there for faux leather jackets. they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but when i buy a classic, investment pieces like this, i really try to buy the best quality for what i can afford. it’s my rule and i’m sticking to it.


a- top shop biker

b- kenna-t moto

c- joie biker

d- marc by marc jacobs moto

which is your fav?

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  1. Son says:

    Are there any jackets made for men? I think my wife will love them.

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