keeping quiet


at the band contest saturday, we sat behind 2, normally, rambunctious boys. these boys also happen to be the band director’s children. when we first sat down, i couldn’t help but notice how quiet jack was. and then i saw his source of entertainment (nevermind the glitter, music and ridiculous outfits happening on the field): a comic book. and then i thought to myself, ‘how many kids still read comic books?’ this wasn’t just a flimsy comic book, it was a graphic NOVEL. i asked his mom about said interest and she said he’s nothing short of obsessed after finding his dad’s old trunk stuffed FULL of comic books. she went on to tell me he had given jack free reign of the comic books. that is, until he browsed through ebay and discovered many were now worth lots of money. oops. reel the books back in. he obviously still gets to read many of them. and it’s a good thing, because save for a small request of a drink after jasper performed, i didn’t hear one peep out of him.

keeping quiet

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  1. Son says:

    They don’t produce graphic novels or classic comic characters such as x-men. I think IF they did, kids these days will overlook them. Changing generation I suppose.