yes she can


lilly doesn’t know who obama is, but if she did, i’m pretty sure she’d say she’s more hopeful than he is. and that, “yes, mr. obama, i can.” however, her mantra has a lot less to do with universal health care, roe vs. wade, the war in afghanistan or the dismal economy. no, her mantra has to do, specifically, with the hope that someday soon, the kitchen counters will open up and rain down sweet, delicious food. lilly’s hope is so unwavering, that no matter the time of day, or how many times she’s heard “no,” if she hears the rattle of plastic, her ass is running into the kitchen faster than sammy sosa can fail a drug test. (sorry, had to say it.)

i believe lilly has used quite a few of her nine lives (dogs get nine, too, right?) in the kitchen, especially during the holidays when ellen’s kitchen more closely resembles a keebler elf house. and you thought the trenches of war were tough. try dodging giants more than 8 times your size and an oven door that could take you out in one foul swoop.

maybe we could learn something from such perennially hopeful animals. you go girl. because yes, you can. (especially if dean is eating popcorn.)


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