i was going through my picasa albums a minute ago and landed on this one. i love this picture so much, for obvious reasons, but as i kept looking at it, i was struck with the thought of: holy crap a lot has changed in a year. and what’s even scarier, is that there are still two months left!

this was taken basically a year ago to the date and at my first glance, the biggest changes were how different the boys look. luke doesn’t have braces yet (but certainly has enough hair to make up for it), ben still has baby face (which, when did that disappear??), andrew has old glasses and what’s up with my double chin? but what is truly amazing is that since that picture was taken, other than my hair color, i can’t think of anything that is the same. since that time last year, i lost a job, gained a job, bought a car, moved out of chicago (for now), i lost pertinent family members, regained a friendship, acquired a new camera (thank god) and started this blog. i think that subconsciously the main reason i started this blog was because in the midst of all the craziness that was happening, i wanted to chronicle it. i’m glad i started it because until i really sit back and think about it, and thus make my head spin like a turntable, i don’t realize everything that’s happened to me. i’m sure this will be a source of laughter 20 years down the road when i can look back and say, “wow, you lost your job, lost the city you love and moved back to a town you once couldn’t wait to leave. 2009 sucked!” however, it’s the good things, like the above moment and all the rest of my pictures, that show me why things happen to begin with. life always trumps what you think should happen.

photo by amy breedlove

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  1. Luke says:

    Hey sis I know your right a lot has happened in the past year, and I’m sure things will change again considering Anna’s going to college. But i promise I’ll come this summer and we can hang. O.K.?