weekend roundup


what a week(end)!? while it doesn’t matter much to you guys, my week was crammed with equal parts doctor’s visits and shoots! we kicked the week off with hazel’s 4 month shots (never fun) and flanked a wedding weekend with 2 family shoots! all 3 sets of clients are repeats (let’s just start using the term “friends” instead, k?) so i felt like i spent my week reuniting. is there anything better??

on to things of note:

• since returning from the beach i feel like all i’ve done is laundry. is that the theme of being a mom? thought so.

• if i had a dollar for how many people told me hazel looks like the gerber baby i’d start a college fund. no, really.

• my groom on saturday was 6’8″. i’ll let that sink in for a moment…..that means he was almost a full foot and a half taller than me. let’s just say i got creative when it came to shooting.

• tori, one of the littles shown below explained where she learned to wave like a princess (“elbow, elbow, wrist wrist”): from her dad.

happy monday!!






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