weekend roundup

so this was obviously a big week. what, with me announcing our pregnancy, and all. add to that, my brother and his team won the ohio valley babe ruth tournament yesterday, advancing to the babe ruth world series in washington state and that makes for a pretty stellar week! i have been so amazed and overwhelmed by all the well wishes and love sent to both josh and i over the announcement of little baby premuda. we’re pretty darn excited about it and what makes it even more amazing is how excited everyone else seems to be as well! sometimes, small towns really are the bee’s knees.

on to happenings!
• like i said above, andrew and his team won, healthily, yesterday to advance to the babe ruth world series. this is such a big deal and i am so proud of andrew and his team. they’ve worked so hard, they’re such great kids and have great attitudes. i can’t wait to see what august 17-24 will hold!
• i’ve started harvesting tomatoes at a pretty good clip. my romas are starting to really turn (i might add that they’re the biggest romas i’ve ever grown, or seen, for that matter.) and the little yellow cherry tomatoes are turning faster than we can eat them. which isn’t saying much as neither josh or i really like cherry tomatoes. 🙂
• last week i gave the final go ahead to my new logo. i’m in love with it and can’t wait to share it with you. big things ahead for mhp!
• i know i’ve probably ruffled a few client feathers this year by not offering any family sessions on the weekends, but let me tell you, waking up the morning after a wedding and having no plans other than throwing on my chuck taylors (bc my feet hurt too bad to wear any other kind of shoes) is worth its weight in gold.
• this week is the last full week before school starts and that fact has left me scratching my head wondering where in the world summer went. i’m really hoping to take an afternoon to spend with my brothers before they head back. after all, next summer they’ll all be locked in my house babysitting for baby p. i kid. kind of. not really.
• and finally, thursday marks the beginning of the most wonderful weekend in jasper. also known as: strassenfest! both loved and hated, no one can resist the hot, steamy bier garten and the waist-expanding food stalls. this prego has her heart so set on an elephant ear i can almost taste it!
happy monday all, make this week a great one!

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