view of my weekend

i spent the better half of the weekend working the FanFair for the DCI finals, which were (and will be for the next ~10 years) in Indy. this was my favorite shot of the weekend:


despite how cute she looks, she was actually quite annoying. after arguing with me about which beach ball was the “pinkest,” i was happy to see her and her whiskers take a hike. though, now that i’m looking at her outfit, the girl clearly knows pink from fuchsia.


and this was my view of the weekend. seems harmless enough, lots of casino cards and, what’s that? meghan, is that the world’s largest drum? why, yes, it is. and you know what the world’s largest drum comes with? annoying pu-ers who like to give said largest drum a whack so loud, i’m sure my heart still isn’t beating a normal rhythm. i sure purDON’T hope they’re back next year.

and i’ll leave you with a random musing: the fair was held on the white river state park. it was my first time going to the actual park and i must say, i was HIGHLY impressed. yes, this girl was actually impressed. along with all the museums that sit on it, the green spaces and running paths are beautiful. it’s almost something you’d see in a *gasp* real city. and what was even more assuring to see what that people were actually using it. good job indianapolis, keep it up.

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