where do i start? how about, pardon for the complete photo bomb about to hit you. these two are so photogenic, literally almost every photo was a good one. i’ve known heather since high school (and my high school band days) but we’ve been fairly disconnected up until she got engaged and asked me to […]

oh.yes.we.did. josh and i were on our way up to indy, the day before an engagement shoot i had, and the obvious conversation was, “what’s for lunch?” enter josh’s foursquare queue: nearby? mug n’ bun. done and done! we love root beer stands, as you can see from past trips here and here, so we […]

Indy is ready for the NCAA finals. Ps, your makeover looks great, IND. Suits you well.

i spent the better half of the weekend working the FanFair for the DCI finals, which were (and will be for the next ~10 years) in Indy. this was my favorite shot of the weekend: despite how cute she looks, she was actually quite annoying. after arguing with me about which beach ball was the […]